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The Latin America and Caribbean Chapter of AILA


Welcome to the Latin American and Caribbean Chapter of AILA (LACC)!

There is no doubt the LACC is one of the best chapters in AILA. We are a professional support network that is user friendly, member friendly, and just top notch in all respects. As we launch our 2023 -2025 term against the ever-challenging immigration-related agencies and an election year, our Chapter Committees continue to provide the very best in conferences and free webinars, dynamic liaison with Consulates and Embassies in Latin America, and the professional comraderies for which LACC is known.

Not only does LACC plan to work diligently with the administration to advocate for a new vision for America’s immigration system, but our LACC community, including our sponsors, is set to provide abundant resources to tackle the challenges of the current immigration landscape.

We look forward to engaging LACC members with many meaningful opportunities for professional growth. As Chapter Chair, I encourage you to reach out with programming and initiative suggestion.

Our Committees

AILA LACC committees are important components of your immigration practice. LACC Committees are active and allow you to build valuable networks. Committee membership is free to all LACC Chapter members. Committee volunteerism is strongly encouraged.

CLE In Person Conference Committee

Develops and executes in person CLE conference opportunities to bring the most relevant topics and thought leaders to LACC members. Participants receive professionally organized educational materials and are provided with significant networking/socializing opportunities. LACC Conferences are held throughout the Caribbean and Latin America region and typically include representative speakers from local Consular Posts.

Past events are posted in our Announcements sections. Current CLE Conferences are featured under Events.

Chair: Tammy Fox-Isicoff

Online Professional Education Committee

Plans and hosts free members-only webinars every other month. These webinars address a variety of on-point topics, including consular practice, litigation, visa processing, and other current issues and hot topics of interest to LACC members.

Chair: Linda Rose

Department of State Committee

Engages in active liaison with LACC Consulates. Publishes a periodic Consular Spotlight with updated procedural news about various LACC consulates. Features a Venezuelan Task Force (Chaired by Marisa Casablanca).

Chair: Lynn Lee

Customs and Border Protection and USCIS Committee

Engages in active liaison with CBP and USCIS within the LACC jurisdiction. Publishes practice advisories.

Chair: Marisa Casablanca

If you are already an LACC member, we hope you will participate in chapter activities, volunteer to join a committee, and get the most from your membership. If you are not a member yet, please join our chapter and reap the benefits of one of AILA’s best chapters!

Hold the dates!

Winning Strategies

Our CLEs and Webinars

CLE Quito 2019

Our CLEs

Our CLE Committee Chair is Tammy Fox. The CLE's cover advanced topics and we have expert speakers to dig into complex subjects.



Our Webinar Committee, chaired by Linda Rose, will bring to you monthly FREE webinars on topics of interest to everybody.

We addresses the needs of immigration attorneys

We addresses the needs of immigration attorneys whose work focuses on legal issues in the Latin America and the Caribbean

Our mission is to educate, network, and create a cohesive membership throughout the jurisdiction.


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